In The Spectator, Douglas Murray argues that Communism and Fascism are morally equivalent. His reasoning is that we would not applaud someone saying “I’m literally a fascist (you idiot)” because “we know where fascism leads.”

This is of course untrue. We would not applaud someone saying “I’m literally a fascist” because we know what fascism IS.

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The potential of Communism, bad or good, the practicalities of Communism, these are up for debate, but there is nothing intrinsically morally disgusting about common ownership without private property, money, social class, or a state.

Workers of the world, unite!

Fascism is, by any accepted definition, rule by force, a straightjacket on creativity and culture, suppression of ethnic and religious minorities, denial of democracy, a state set up to provide greatest benefit for a few. Fascism, then, is intrinsically morally repugnant on several counts.

Perhaps a moral argument can be made against Communism on the grounds that it must lead to a totalitarian nightmare, something other than Communism, in fact. First one would have to establish those grounds as true. In any case, even if Communists were misguided, there is a clear world of moral difference between Communism, you idiot, and the sociopathic monstrousness that is Fascism.