Your primary concern seems to be our production of capital, making money for other people. You protest. Then why do you have so little interest in anything else we do, anything else we make?

You have been conditioned to put  production of capital for others above the wellbeing of those you call “beloved”. You protest. Then why is   non-conformity met with sarcasm and  dismissal? 

When I tell you that water has been found on the moon, you sneer:”What do you care, you’ll never be able to afford to go there.”

I am of the moon. How well do you read?

My amateur psychologist, you learnt enough to fight a child. How strong this one was, so rebellious, so full of thought, so creative! You did a job. The job you didn’t know you were doing for those you tug your forelock to. You can do a job. What a clever one you are. 

We are growing, untwisting, unfurling. You thought we were angry when we were bent out of shape by society’s pliers

So tell me, drawing on your extensive knowledge base of Daily Heil poison,  fictional “tarts with hearts”, fictional bent coppers, and fictional violent East End criminals, all about what’s what. Employ all your extensive research… 

You want to really know about sickness? Big Brother is a woman. Imagine a town full of men and women who love her so much they never need to think anything could be wrong with her, not the REAL her, not the Britain they think they remember. The truth is they hardly ever think at all. 

So what do you want to talk about? What could we possibly talk about? You don’t know anything.