​Fear of the 70s & 80s when I feel the cultural moment we will obviously revisit is the 60s. Did you catch Jeremy Corbyn’s Bob Dylan reference on The Andrew Marr show? 

I know going back 25 years a musician and a writer, two brothers,  on one side of the rift and a Local Govt thinker, manager  & political commentator on the other. Perhaps too late for anyone to stop the Labour Party splitting but our connections all the more vital for it. My mind goes back to LSD and a treasure hunt in 1991. Our mini sixties revival. I think the next one will be bigger: a new politics with deeper exploration into the psyche and culture, deeper into our myths. Stronger narratives, better connections to the culture of the public.  That to me seems the only progressive hope. 

That may all seem oblique but it is that looseness, the mind slowing up  but focused politically, beyond the automatic, beyond the dry and the groove, that we need to bring us together and reach out – through culture –  across generations and transform the pomp of our  political spaces into more welcoming places. 

Doesn’t Chilcot suggest that a Magritte might be as apt a painting in the chambers where decisions are made as austere portraits and echoes of an imperial tradition? 

Seems to me our political selves and our cultural selves are too divided still and for a lot of us that means letting go rather than holding on so tightly we find there’s nothing in our hand. 

This is a treasure hunt.